Thursday, July 20, 2006


So , this wraps it up for now.
Today was a weirdly calm day in Beirut, after a bloody dawn in the suburb. I think we owe it to the Western embassies evacuating their citizens.the evacuations will be completed by the end of the week. By then , all the bridges and roads linking towns and villages to each other will be completd. We were wondering why some roads were spared till now.
It was not that calm in the south , nor in the Beqaa. And in addition to the ongoing raids and bombings , people were still looking for the remains of those who were killed over the past days.
No need to try to keep updating the death toll. No one knows anymore...
The new thing is targeting army barracks and soldiers.
Something great is happening though . People all over the country opening their houses to the displaced who were able to make it to safe places .People helping out in organizing aids efforts. People giving food to those who need it.


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