Thursday, August 10, 2006

meanwhile in Tyre kids were having a break .. and Apatchi above them Before the Israelis cut off the city from the rest of the world . This will start tonight


Anonymous Anonymous said...

As I red your stories, I had to cry as I am currently feeling very sad of what is happening all over the world. But one thing I envy you about is people know that you are suffering in Lebenon, but not my family in Gaza. I live in the USA, and I leaned that for the past three days (today is August 29, 06) that my family are surrounding by Israeli tanks in Al-sheejaia, and they have no water, food, or electricity. And I cannot do anything for them. The news is not even mentioning what is really happening there. I am very sad, and I feel I will be hearing any minutes that they are all dead. I cannot stop thinking about my new nice whose just turned one week in Gaza. If her Mom does not have water to drink, then she cannot eat.

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