Thursday, July 20, 2006


Last night was terrible ( how accurate is his word, I wonder) for people inthe Bekaa , in the south , in the north and in Beirut. This leaves on the mountain area out. I have nothing to tell , the pictures will.Here in the newspaper we're trying to find out what kind of weapons arebeing used, we already contacted doctors in Brussels, we're talking todoctors at the American University Hospital in Beirut, and we're waiting for your help, if you can provide it.One small note : Srifa, the village that was almost wipped out yesterday(it's in the south ) , is being bombed again today. No one was able to gothere yet. Corps are still under the rubbles . No one knows what the death toll is there , or in any other village forthat matter. If this ends one day, I would not want to be here to know what really happened. No one , no one,is allowed to get away with all this hate , blood, and viciousness. They are children killers . And no one can stop them.


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