Thursday, August 10, 2006

I really need to share this with you, it’s absolutely surreal!!!

It’s someone who replied to my august 7th letter:

Yes, just put the blame on this catastrophy on one part and one part only. Hizbollah has ofcourse no guilt in this. Forget their actions and point the finger the other way. The government in Lebanon has no guilt although they have alowed a fascist religious murderous cult grow stronger and stronger. Founded and payd by Iran and backed up by Syria. Why has this remnants of a 15 year long mass sloughter been allowed to exist with its arsenal, untouched and quietly benn left a peace with its fascism. The other parts have laid down their guns, but not Hizbollah. Why? They have said that they have no interrest in Libanon, the lebanese people, only the islamic world state. The UN representative Jan Egeland heard a conversation with highrank members of Hizbollah that they were proud of all the civilians killed but they hoped for more. That kind of military tactic is cynical and evil. Hizbollas 2 500 rockets have only hit civilian targets in Israel where 1 000 000 lives under ground in shelters. Hizbollah must be destroyd by Lebanon in a combined effort from every libanese. This evil must be driven out of your country, once and for all.
It is so easy to blame only those who drops the bombs and ignoring those who provoced them to drop those bombs ( is this sentence is for real? ). Killed israely civilians are being celebrated by palestinian but no israelis have done the same. They have done the opposite, they have marched against the killing of 1000 civilians in Lebanon. The conflict is old, complex and its roots are deep. Large groups are feeding from war, hate and conflict. Their base of power is these things, and they wont let go of that power easily. Hate makes you blind and irrationel. It open you up to any kind of madmen and their misdeeds. You seek to find justice for your hate. But you need to let it go. The middle east dont need more hatred, it need peace and love. Please dont close your eyes and walk into Hizbollahs trap. Fight them in words and thoughts. Tear down their wall build on lies. Hold up a mirror and let people see the true nature of Hizbollah and then cast them out of your heart and soul. Stop giving the israeli leaders more excuses for unleashing more terror and destruction ( and this one?) . For 58 years they have been fighting for their existence, for survival. When generations live in a state of crisis and war it creates an environment for psycopathic behaviour. May all the Gods in this world hear the cries of the innocent victims of this and other ongoing conflicts in our world today. Kongo, Somalia, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Ivory Coast, Iraq, tchetchenya, Afghanistan, India/Pakistan and the countless dictaotorship. 8 - 10 000 000 are killed in these conflicts alone.
Morten Ove,

Trondheim, Norway.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Excellent Post - the truth is what the people of Lebanon need to see and hear. For many years all they have known are the lies that Syria and Iran have fed them through Hezbollah, Hamas and many other terrorist organizations. No one likes to see the innocent suffer but the world needs to dismantle the terror infrastructure that has been built up by the Saudis, Yemen, Iran, Iraq and Syria. Its no joy for any military to bomb a country, knowing that innocent people may die. But to kill a rat you have to go into their nest. Kudos to the Israelis and every other country that is fighting the war on terrorism and radical Islam. After 9/11, patience, understanding and appeasement are no longer options. The only thing a terrorist understands is power. And the only way for nations to rid themselves of this disease called radical Islam is to fight it where it breeds. When you get rid of terrorism and radical Islam - you will have peace in the region.

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