Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Yes, more pictures. loads of pictures. Hundreds of pictures . As manypictures as people get killed. As many pictures as the number of people whoflee their homes, become refugees. As many pictures as there are people who carry their children and walk , under the sun , on the rubbles , under theirair raids , their shells, their bombs, their bullets, their prayers for moreblood. As many pictuers as it will take, no to stop any of this , not to give children their lifes back , not to give those people their homes back ,not to stop others , all poor who never lost their DIGNITY, from turninginto beggars in the streets of Beirut. Just as many as it takes to undermine any attempts to try and convince any of us this should be forgotten, thatthis should be forgiven. Any attempts to convince anybody that Israel is ademocracy , that Israel deserves any better than what it has to offer.


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