Friday, July 28, 2006

27th july 2006

Dear all, Sad stories in the paper today.

A colleague went to see a family in AL Zahra Hospital In Beirut , they told her how they fled Tireh village in the south: their house was bombed, some of the family mambers stayed under therubble, tha rest went to the nighbours' house. It was also hit, and under its rubbles were left more family members... The rest run away. Their carwas targeted on the road. More of them got killed. They met a UN convoy andscreamed for help. What happened next is the following : one UN soldier was taking their picture , and when he finished , he yelled "no , no " and leftthem there.Now the father and two sisters are in a hospital in the south , and therest of the family is in Beirut. (the shayto's pictures ).
My other colleague toured some schools hosting refugees with a group of doctors . Conclusion : spread of diseases due to lack of hygiene : when youdon't have water, or washing machines , when tens, sometimes hundred of people share shool rooms , this is bound to happen. She also met a group ofsome 30 people who could not find a place in publis schools and who are nowin a garden of an empty house. She tells the story of the 80 year old woman there who wouldn't eat , because she wants to spare the food for thechildren . She told Saada , my colleague, it would be a waste for her to eatwhereas the kids are hungry.
Milia did a small thing about a fx some hospitals in the south received from a local association , offering very attractive packages for nurses andradiologists needed in the US. Now, here, the US is recruiting medicalstaff.Faten went to the Securite General and found out that loads of people are applying for passports : five thousand passports are issued every day sinceJuly 13th ( in a country of 3,5 million people). Some 151 thousand Lebanesenationals have left the county in nine days.(betw July 13 and July 25th) Habib wrote about Green Peace closing their offices in Lebanon at a time thesea is plagued with unprecedented pollution due to the Israeli shelling offuel tank reserves that made our sea's colour look black. Experts say it will take the water, the rocks, the sand , the fish tens of years torecover. People shoud not swim in the sea for long years to come..The minister of heath annouced today that 600 people were killed and some 1300 injured since the Israeli aggression started on July the 12th.George W. Bush says he's against a cease fire that does not solve theproblem from the roots. Well , tell him it's working : we're being exterminated from the roots.


Anonymous Adriana Evangelizt said...

French People is with you... we know who are the terrorists.

Our heart is sad... very sad for Lebanon...

9:35 AM  
Blogger Sarah said...

Dear Hanady, thank you for keeping us up to date with the terrible events unfolding in Lebanon. Your blog is one of the most important and realiable sources of information for me. You are doing an awsome job.

I second Adriana's comment, my heart is with you guys. May God protect you and the ones you love, and give you strength! Do not ever loose hope, as corny as it might sound... Hugs :)

1:40 PM  

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