Friday, July 21, 2006

Dear all
These are bank accounts where you can send money to help out the displaced and the people in need.
Attached is a list of some local organizations and their account numbers. And below are the account numbers of another association of volunteers who are doing a great job, and of the Tayyar watani political party. I only allowed myself to send you their bank account because I know from the paper’s reporters on the ground that they are doing a great job with the displaced who seek shelter in the Christian areas. This is a very important sensitive issue in here, and there are lots of people in the Christian areas because west Beirut is almost “full” on the one hand, and considered more dangerous than east Beirut on the other hand.
However , and despite all what’s going one , some “local” politicians are not happy with this “bonding” between Christians and mostly Shiite Moslems. So they’re trying to cut off aids from the tayyar. I also need to specify these people are not (yet) or any country’s boycott list.
I was reluctant to send this before, but the situation on the ground is becoming unbearable and one can only guess it will worsen with time.
So, here are the lists .

For Zicco House :
C_O bassem shit
Societe general des banques au liban
Hamra branch

C_O georges azzi
Credit lebanais
Agence sassine


Société Générale de Banque au Liban (SGBL) Sin El Fil 001-004-361-236446-01-3 - SWIFT: SGLILBBXAccount Holder: FPM (Pierre Raffoul, Maurice Jreij & Elie Hanna)

France (rassemblement pour le Liban):
RIB: 30004 00804 00010552302 36
IBAN: FR76 3000 4008 0400 0105 5230 236
Account holder: RPL - 63 rue Sainte Anne - 75002 Paris



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