Friday, August 04, 2006

a frame with the picture of hanady sleiman

Last night , at two am or so, Sahar , my friend and colleague , called me. Ijumped to the phone ( didn't want the ringing sound to wake Kinda) and myfirst question to her was "what's happening? ( shou fi?) ", and she replied with a question "where are you?" . I laughed, she had left the office atmidnight and I was still there. "Home, in bed" , I said, "why?" . So shesaid " So , you're not in Baalback?" .At that point I said to myself that either she's drunk or she has lost her mind , almost no one can reachBaalback during the day, let alone a night trip there.When she heard how ridiculous her question sounded , she tried to laugh andtold me she was calling because someone told her they heard on the news that Hanady Salman was killed in Baalback. And since my home town is in thatregion , she got worried. At that point we both laughed and I warned her tostop disturbing my when I'm sleeping before she double- checks her sources. I'd forgotten about this incident, until I saw the pictures attached. Thewoman killed is Hanadi Sleiman ( not salman) . She was killed in an air raidon Burdai , near Baalback.Besides the resemblance in our names, we have , had, one more thing in common, that woman and I : she both , each , have ( she had) a two year oldbaby girl


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