Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Linda asked me to stop apologizing. I have a better deal : I’ll stop writing when I’m out of my mind, this way , I won’t have to apologize.

Yesterday , it seems, I was completely out of my mind : Hussein’s mother story was like the last drop that made us explode here in the newspaper. We went to see him and pay our respects, but then we were told that maybe she’s not dead for they can’t find her body. It’s the same for so many other victims and their relatives: since so many bodies are still under the rubble in their villages and since most of the victims in the hospitals are disfigured , dismembered and thus completely unidentifiable , no body knows who’s dead and who’s still alive.
Actually we still don’t know where Hussein’s mom is. The last thing we were told last night was that she was not among the bodies that were brought to Tyre, but the red cross told us there were still four bodies in Aynatha’s down town that they were unable to recover due to the shelling.
Hussein went to Tyre today, and there’s heavy shelling on Tyre, on the neighboring towns and on the road to Tyre. We’re all holding our breath in here.
And also yesterday , the pictures of the people of Aytaroun leaving their home town , kids , elderly , poor men and women trying to run for their lives, same as the people of Bint Jbeil the day before .. It’s more than any human being can bear.

So, I’m sorry for my “crazy messages “ yesterday. I hope it won’t happen again.
PS: so many people asked to be removed of the list yesterday. So this apology does not come out of the blues.



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