Friday, August 11, 2006

These are two comments that were posted on As’ad’s Angry Arab blog “in reaction” to my writings.

1- pleaaaaaase stop this wheeping all the time wheeping hanady salman this is too much!!!!she's exagerating the melodrame and that doesnt serve anything at the end. this isn’t litterature, this isn’t psychology, what does this wheeping mean???

the dog 08.10.06 - 4:14 am #

Not to be dignified with an answer

2- Hanady as in Hanady and Colmes show on Fox?

Dottore El Jose Truthe Gigante 08.09.06 - 8:50 pm

Could anyone tell me what this show is ? I really don’t know. Is it bad?



Anonymous GJM said...

It is Hanitty and Colmes on Fox News in the US... a 'political' debate programme with one consevative and one 'liberal'. It is, in fact, just another mouthpiece for Murdoch as the conservative guy, Hanitty, is the dominant voice.


5:45 PM  

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