Saturday, August 12, 2006

Mohamad Husseini, the 3 years old boy in the pictures ( in the green t-shirt), and his family werefound alive when a red cross convoy reached Maaroub in the south todayFriday Aug 11 to try and rescue its residents. They couldn't reach the people whowere under the rubble in Maaroub, they left them there. However, they wereable to evacuate people who had walked from Arsoun , another village. The convoy also brought back the remains of a family who had been killed 2weeks ago in their car , on the road while attempting to flee the village. (JihadBazzi wrote an excellent article to be published in As-Safir tomorrow , for those of you who read Arabic).

A Lebanese eldelry woman from t is carried by Red Cross members before being evacuated by ambulance from Maaroub 11 August afp


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